Color Me Mine To Go . . .

Announcing Our Most Convenient Location of All... Your Place!
Introducing Color Me Mine To-Go. Simply tell us when and where your party or event will be, and we'll deliver everything (paint, ceramics, brushes, sponges, etc') needed for your guests to paint their own ceramics. That's right Color Me Mine will come to you.

Do-It-Yourself, with our 'To-Go' Kit. Stop by our studio @ Metro Pointe and pick out your ceramics and do the party yourself. When the painting is complete, bring the Kit and the ceramics back to Metro Pointe to be glazed and fired. They should be ready for pick-up in 4-5 days.

So next time you need to think up a great party idea, don't worry...

It'll come to you or you can Do-It-Yourself. There are lots of options with Color Me Mine @ Metro Pointe.

We're Always Ready To Party. . .
Corporate Events, Bridal Showers, House Warming Parties, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, Fundraisers, Birthdays, Holidays, or just to have fun...

To-Go Options:

Metro Pointe will bring the party to you!(minimum 15 painters)

Party Package 1 @ $21pp or Party Package 2 @ 24pp

1 ceramic item(selected by you before event)
Paints (standard 14 colors), Brushes and Sponges

We arrive approximately 20 minutes before event for setup and guide you through your Art Adventure. We pack up, clean and take the Artwork back to our studio for glazing and firing. Within 4 - 5 days contact you for pickup of your Artwork.

Do-It-Yourself ToGo Kits are also a great Party To-Go Option
Select and Purchase your ceramics from our stock of over 400 different types.
Rent our To-Go Paint Kit for $50.00
(Kit includes: 14 Standard Paints in 2oz bottles, Paint Palettes, Brushes and Sponges)
$3.00 Glaze / Firing fee per piece
Pieces are ready in 4 - 5 days for pickup.

This is a great option for large groups, everyone can paint at their own pace.



Click below to request a To Go Party online!


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