Costa Mesa


We asked several parents what they have learned over the years hosting events at our studio. The following were the key “take-aways” shared by almost all of them:


Remember who the party is for – YOUR CHILD.

Take this opportunity to spend time with your child and his/her friends while they create their memorable keepsake of this celebration.

Don’t feel pressured to create an elaborate party. Less is sometimes more.  There is nothing more amazing than focusing on your child and spending this time with him/her and his/her friends!

Try to engage with all the kids and show your child that you care and are interested in them. Join in the fun, sit with them and even paint your own piece!

Make your life easier and opt to make your party a “drop off” only party.  This takes the burden off of  having to provide food and beverage for your painters’ parents and, gives you time to enjoy your child’s party. If you book your party during business hours, remember that seating will only be available for two non-painters.

Focus on creating “in the moment” memories with the kids (they remember and value these precious moments) as opposed to stressing about decorations, food, cake, and even small chat with parents. Its about the littles!

Ask parents to be prompt in dropping off their kids – this allows you to pace your party and have all your painters starting at the same time.

Cake is great and fun but keep it simple and avoid other snacks and food.  Once your party gets underway your painters will most likely have 1 hour and 45 minutes to enjoy the process of pottery painting – try not to rush the process by introducing food. Enjoy your cake when the painting is completed not before. Nothing like kids filled with sugar and ready for a jungle gym versus art!

Select your party items before the party to keep yourself within your budget and to ensure that several pieces of the same items will be available. 

Use the link at the bottom of the Party Page for easy customizable Color Me Mine E~Vites – checks one thing off your list and helps in keeping count of RSVP’s.

Your guests’ artwork (ceramic piece) is their Party Favor.  Don’t feel that you need to have additional party/goodie bags.

Upon your final confirmation, try to have as accurate a count as possible of the number in your party. This allows your Color Me Mine Team to ensure that enough staff are scheduled for your event.

Ask your Color Me Mine staff to take photos for you and let yourself relax, unwind and enjoy the party! We have had nothing but good experiences with them being eager happy to assist!


It is only the heart that lives in the present moment; not the mind. That is the gift children bring to us—their heart. By offering their heart to us, they invite our heart to come out and play; they invite our joyful, creative selves to dance in the present moment with them, and all of life.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~Vince Gowman